Template parameters

After template installation and choosing it to default template, click on the template's name in the template manager to set the following parameters:

Choose your logo type (text or graphic) and fill in the logo text or upload your logo image. The logo height and width is either the size of the logo image or the size of the box that contains the logo text (you have to play with it).

For the slideshow, cut your images to the same size, so that your images' width should be ideally equal to the page width, because if you choose Force image resize: "Yes", then the quality can be worse. You have to use an ftp software like Filezilla, or if you use cpanel on the server, then the file manager to upload the images. You have to upload them into the templates/a4joomla-fantasy/images/sampledata directory. If you want only one image without slideshow, then upload your image into the templates/a4joomla-fantasy/images directory, and choose that image in the parameters.



You can put a banner into the "banner" module position with a size of ideally 468x60 pixel. If you don't need a banner, set "Yes" for the "Remove banner image" template parameter, which removes the image that has only demonstration purpose. You have to use the banner component and banner module to put a banner into the banner module position.

Dropdown menu:

The template has a "position-1" module position for a dropdown menu.  This 3-level suckerfish dropdown menu can be set by the following module settings:






Second horizontal menu

The template has a "position-13" module position for a second horizontal menu in the top-right corner e.g. for Login and Registration. This menu can be set by the following module settings:







Module positions:

The following module positions exist in this template:


 Module styles

3 module styles exist for the position-6 and position-7 modules (except for the menu modules):

  1. no background color (Module Class Suffix is empty)
  2. dark (Module Class Suffix is _dark)
  3. light (Module Class Suffix is _light)

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