The following joomla 5 templates are available for download or purchase:





Upgrade from Joomla 4 to Joomla 5

First read the official instructions of this upgrade by clicking here.  Then these are my template related instructions:

  1. Does your server satisfy the joomla 5 technical requirements?
  2. Are your joomla extensions compatible with joomla 5? If yes, then:
  3. backup
  4. save your old template and its user.css file
  5. set error reporting to maximum
  6. update extensions
  7. update to joomla 4.x
  8. save screenshots of your template parameters
  9. set cassiopeia default
  10. Joomla Update/Options/Update channel: set Joomla next
  11. Pre-update check
  12. update to joomla 5.x
  13. uninstall old template
  14. install new template and set it default
  15. set up template parameters
  16. clear cache everywhere
  17. test
  18. set error reporting to default
  19. backup