Thursday, 20 May 2010 22:39

New version of the a4joomla-minimalist joomla template

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We have a new version of the free and also the pro a4joomla--minimalist joomla 1.5 template. The main improvement is a new module position (top) that makes it possible to have a horizontal menu in the top right corner, e.g. for Login/Logout and Register menu items. If you have an earlier version follow the instructions below:
  1. Save the old template and your graphic logo somewhere
  2. Memorize your template parameter settings and any other changes
  3. Set an other template to default
  4. Uninstall the old template
  5. Install the new template
  6. Upload your graphic logo into the template's images directory
  7. Set the template parameters and apply any other changes if you had
  8. Set the new template to default
  9. Place a menu into the top module position

To download the free template click here, or buy the pro version here.
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