Our two best joomla 5 templates

We have 2 new modern, customizable joomla 5 templates. Why they are the best ones?

  • more customization option
  • more module positions
  • fullscreen header
  • modern design
  • 2 dropdown menus

Test them on their demo sites!

Professional joomla templates

Here you can purchase our commercial professional joomla templates. The newest ones are for Joomla 5. Purchasing a product requires a registration and then the payment is processed through Paypal. If you don't have a Paypal account, you can also pay with credit card on the Paypal site. We don't ask for any sensitive data, the payment security is ensured by Paypal. Generally the professional versions contain extra module positions and more customization possibilities like image logo option, dropdown menu, and module styles.



The differences between the professional and the free versions are generally the number of module positions, the dropdown menu, more customization options, like the image logo option, additional blog layout, module styles, and the number of social icons.


After ordering the products, you have to log in, click on the YOUR ORDERS menu item in the topbar, then choose the order number, and click on the file name in the files column to download the file. Don't worry about unfinished orders, you can start the ordering process from the beginning any time.


The product pages generally have a link to a page that contains instructions about setting up the template, like parameters, module positions, menu setups. You can also find these instructions on the demo sites, just click on the top menu items of the demos.